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How to Store Your
Home-Grown Produce

Canning, Pickling, Jamming, and So Much More

By John and Val Harrison

How to Store Your<br>Home-Grown Produce by John and Val Harrison

Did your tomato plant produce twice as many tomatoes as you’d planned? Grow too much cabbage? Harvest too many blueberries? If so, here is practical advice on how to bottle, dry, freeze, and even salt home-grown fruits and vegetables. Discover extra storage space in your home or learn how to convert a shed or garage to store your tasty products. Learn how to make chutneys from fruit; pickles from cucumbers; and ciders, jams, and even ketchup from your garden! There is even advice here on drying foods, with instructions on how to store them in oil as well as ways to freeze and blanch your fruits and vegetables.

How to Store Your Home-Grown Produce 978-1-61608-144-7 186 pages $12.95
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