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Goat Health Care

By Cheryl K. Smith

Goat Health Care by Cheryl K. Smith

Whether you’re planning to get a goat or have had a herd for years, you’ll find yourself referring to this practical guide again and again. It contains all of the essential information to make it a must-have health care book for any goat owner. Goat Health Care will tell you about:

* how to understand your goat and use your knowledge to identify illness

* routine goat care tips and how-to’s, including feeding, hoof trimming, giving injections and more; breeding, kidding and kid care

* common and not-so-common goat health issues

* veterinary medications used for goats, including dosages, milk and meat withdrawal times, contraindications

* home remedies; natural and herbal care for goats; dealing with the death of a goat

* other resources to help you keep your goats healthy.

Goat Health Care 978-0-615-24484-6 245 pages $23.95
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