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The Surest, Cheapest Way to Leisure, Plenty, Prosperity & Contentment In The Country

By Nathan Griffith

Husbandry by Nathan Griffith

Learn how to:

  • Find and buy good low-cost land
  • Dig a well
  • Put up a fence
  • Keep and shear sheep
  • Raise pigs
  • Keep and milk a cow
  • Train a horse or ox
  • Save seeds
  • Breed your own plant varieties
  • Preserve fruits and vegetables
  • Butcher your own meat
  • Cure ham and bacon
  • Make sausage, bread, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream
  • Repair buildings
  • Get rid of vermin
  • Deal with human and animal wastes ecologically

and find contentment.

Husbandry 0-96651-030-5 276 pages $18.00

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