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The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Tenth Edition

By Carla Emery

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery

Practical advice, invaluable information and collected wisdom for folks and farmers in the country, city, and anywhere in between. Includes how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, can peaches, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, build a chicken coop, catch a pig, cook on a wood stove and much, much more, including how to:

  • choose & buy land
  • pinch pennies
  • create and live with renewable energy sources
  • deliver a baby alone
  • preserve and can your own food
  • make a quilting frame
  • prune a tree
  • bathe under primitive conditions
  • raise chickens
  • make your own vinegar
  • treat bites and stings from ticks, scorpions, snakes and spiders
The Encyclopedia of Country Living 0-91236-595-1 922 pages $29.95

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