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Your Calf

A Kid’s Guide to Raising
and Showing Beef and Dairy Calves

By Heather Smith Thomas

Your Calf by Heather Smith Thomas

Raising a calf is interesting, fun, and rewarding — and there’s a lot you need to know to do a good job. This book provides easy-to-follow instructions, complete with photographs, drawings, and diagrams, checklists and charts on how to care for your calf in the best possible way.

Your Calf explains:

  • How to select your beef or dairy calf
  • How to feed, shelter, and fence in your calf
  • Ways to keep your calf healthy and content
  • What to do if your calf is sick or hurt
  • How to handle and transport your calf safely
  • Where and how to show your calf

If you know a youngster who is enchanted by the idea of raising a calf, they’ll be delighted with this book written just for them! And because these were written by well-known experts, readers will gain a wealth of knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Your Calf 0-88266-947-8 186 pages $14.95

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