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Your Sheep

A Kid’s Guide to Raising and Showing

By Paula Simmons & Darrell Salsbury

Your Sheep by Paula Simmons & Darrell Salsbury

You have sheep of your very own, and you have dozens of questions:

  • Can I get my sheep to come when I call?
  • What kind of pasture and home must my sheep have?
  • What shall I give my sheep to eat?
  • Can I feed my baby lamb from a bottle?
  • How can I help my sheep stay healthy?

This book will be a constant source of help, whether you have never owned a sheep before or you are experienced with animals and would like to learn more about how to care for and show your sheep. You will even find out how to make equipment for your sheep and how to use the fleece. Both authors have had many years of experience with their own sheep, and their wise and friendly advice will help you to be the very best shepherd for your sheep.

Your Sheep 0-88266-769-6 128 pages $14.95

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