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Rule Your Roost

A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens by the Experts at Backyard Poultry Magazine

by Ryan Slabaugh

Rule Your Roost

You’ve made the decision: It’s time to get chickens.
You’re not going to let any of those lingering doubts keep you from your dream of having chickens any longer. Now, you need to figure out how and where to start. That’s exactly what this book is all about. Think of it as your quick-reference guide to help you answer all those nagging questions you might feel a little silly asking. But you shouldn’t! Asking good questions is the key to successfully chicken ownership!

To help you answer those questions, this resource guide will lead you to industry experts, including the talented writers and editors at Backyard Poultry Magazine, who have spent years specializing in helping readers get started raising all sorts of poultry safely and efficiently.

Rule Your Roost is a one-of-a-kind resource guide with “must-reads” about how to start your backyard chicken coop, including detailed, step-by-step checklists and professionally recommended resources to help you find the most accurate and updated information available.

Rule Your Roost 9780615793276 142 pages $4.99
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