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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 33 Number 1
January/February, 2012

On The Cover
      “Good Morning Olive,” by Frank J. Kenney of Cropseyville, New York. See the full story on page 10.

Breeding A Better Flock It’s All In Your Records 26
How Sheep Recording Software Adds Profit 28
Good Shepherd Cheese A Leap Of Faith 34
Grandvewe Tasmania’s New Dairy Sheep Breed 42
Farmlink Local Sheep Goods Sell Even Before Harvest! 50
Flooded Pastures Repairing Soil Damage 54
Scribblings 6
sheep! Photo Contest 10
Meeting of Minds 12
    New “Child Labor” Rules To Hurt Family Farms 12
    Is There Any Non-Industrial Way To Moth-Proof Wool? 14
    Flock Inbreeding Notes 15
    Best Length To Shear Cotswolds 17
    Keeping Sheep & Shearing In Front Of The Canadian Public 18
    East Friesians For Meat & Wool 19
    News From “Down Under” 21
    More Advantages Of Inbreeding 22
    Lingering Toxins… 24
    Getting More Ewes Born 24
Hair Sheep Reports First Hand Experiences With Many Breeds 24
Wool-Gatherings 29
Sheep May Safely Graze
    Dances With Rattlesnakes Part Two 30
Shearing Notes 37
Price Reports 38
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 45
Vet Check 53
News Bleat
    80 Percent Less Foot Rot… 55
    Grazed Lamb Healthiest Meat 55
    New Meat Wrap Stops Germs 55
    Orange Waste Fights Germs 55
    Save Rare Breeds: Eat Them 55
    Soremouth Contagion Warning 55
    “Upscaling” Lamb Industry Via Breed-Based Flavor Promo 56
    Breeding For Bigger Chops 56
    Memo: Beware Chinese Lamb 56
    Tours Based On Eating Scary Sheep Heads 56
    WTO: “Nix COOL: Unfair” 57
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 60

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