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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 32 Number 6
November/December, 2011

On The Cover
      Untitled, by Doris Goss of Vinton, California. See the full story on page 10.

Ohio Livestock Standards Law 9
Breaking Out Of The Mold, On A Gourmet Sheep Cheese Farm 26
‘Tis The Season To See…Acetonemia In Sheep 28
“Whole Sheep, Whole Farm” (Wholesome Demand) 34
Playing For Profit, The (Sheep) Numbers Game 42
Durable Lamb Warming Box, Made Of Recycled Plastic 45
Small Size, Big Value Shetlands Pay Their Way 50
Scribblings 6
sheep! Photo Contest 10
sheep! Photo Contest Winners 12
Meeting of Minds 13
    A Better Judging Method For Wool Breeds 13
    “Grazing Pet” Castration 14
    Problems In 2011 From Poisons Or Genetically Modified Crops? 14
    About Inbreeding 15
    More On Inbreeding 16
    Can Abusive Speech Kill Sheep? 20
    New NAIS Scheme: Too Little Time For Publicity, Comment 20
    Sheep Breeds For Apartments? 21
Hair Sheep Reports First Hand Experiences With Many Breeds 22
Vet Check 25
Sheep May Safely Graze
    Dances With Rattlesnakes 30
Wool-Gatherings 33
Shearing Notes 37
Price Reports 38
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 46
Make It Yourself
    Lewis Roy’s Lamb Grafting Stanchion 54
News Bleat 55
    Eyeing U.S. Market, Aussies Rebuild Flocks 55
    Farmers Markets Popping Out Like New Lambs 55
    Save Money—Cut Hay Costs 55
    Capturing Pricy Ammonia From Liquid Manure 56
    2011 Grain Havoc & Drought Will Raise 2012 Meat Prices 56
    Highlights Of New FDA Labeling Decree 56
    Oral, Organic Selenium Works Best 57
    Spain: Grass-Fed Lamb Good As Grain-Fed 57
    Researcher: Aussie Saltbush Good Source Of Vitamin E 58
    Desire For Local, Specialty Meats Rising 59
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 60

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