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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 30 Number 6
November/December, 2009

On The Cover
      “Traffic Jam,” by Ellen Lehfeldt, of Lavina, Montana. See the full story on page 10.

Ordure’s Piling Up (Piling Up Profits, That Is) 29
History Sells: Re-Enactors & Period Farms Lure Wool Buyers 34
Old-Time Sheep Pioneers: Fading Treasure Of Americana 42
The Shocking Truth Part III: Building Electric Fence 50
New Sheep Breed Registry For Trophy Breeds With Horn Genetics 58
Scribblings 6
2009 Photo Contest Winners 9
sheep! Photo Contest Winners 10
Meeting of Minds 12
     Pro-Wrestler Secret Cure For Mean Rams 12
     Tunis History Questioned 12
     What Breeds For Mild Flavor? 12
     Finding The Right Breed 14
     Estimating Acreage and Hay Requirements Per Sheep 17
     Fertilizing Sheep Pastures 20
     Scrapie and Spider Points 23
     Why Dock Tails? 24
     Lost Lambs Due To Social Upset in Guardian Dogs 27
Book Reviews:
Changes In The Sheep Industry In The U.S. 28
Sheep, The Remarkable Story Of The Humble Animal That Built The Modern World 28
Sheep May Safely Graze
Why Didn’t a Coyote Show Up? 30
Shearing Notes 33
Vet Check 37
Price Reports 38
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 45
Wool-Gatherings 49
News Bleat 53
     Sheep-Product Imports To Rise As U.S. Production Falls 53
     “Warmers” Want Taxes On Meat And Dairy, Tax-Funded Anti-Livestock Promotions 53
     Brit Comic: Keeping Meat Sheep Too Kindly “Is Wrong” 53
     Aussie Flockmasters Threatened With Forced Competency Testing 54
     Hippie-Theme Lamb Promo Hits Aging Baby-Boomer Nostalgia 54
     Wolf Comeback With Vengeance 54
     Texel Ram’s Sale Price Surpasses All World Records 54
     Switching Rams Brings On “Ram Effect,” Stimulates Ewe Heat 55
     Lincoln Luster Wool Locks Built Into Hi-Fashion Wedding Gown 55
     Sheep-Killer Wolves Get Death Warrant: Greens See Red 56
     Presence Of Gene May Indicate Out-Of-Season Breeding Ability 56
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 60

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