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Serum Antibodies

Immediate And Short-Term Protection & Treatment

© 2001 by Colorado Serum Company

Denver, CO

Serum antibody products are, as the name implies, derived from serum-the fraction of whole blood that contains the disease-fighting proteins known as antibodies.

Antibodies are produced by normal animals in response to an antigen (in our case, bacteria or bacterial toxins) and are very specific for that antigen. An antigen, in the presence of its specific antibodies is destroyed or neutralized. The end result is an animal immune to that antigen.

One way to produce antibodies (immunity) is to vaccinate, but that takes time. An alternate method to produce immunity is to provide the actual antibodies in a ready-to-use format, or a serum antibody product.

Like the cavalry unit that storms over the hill to save the day, a serum antibody product provides immediate treatment or prevention of a specific threat, like bacteria or a toxin capable of causing disease in the animal. This type of immunity is known as passive immunity. Colostrum is another example of passive immunity as opposed to active immunity produced by vaccines that require a minimum of two to four weeks to produce an effective immunity. Active immunity is like the soldiers holding the fort and always ready to mobilize against an enemy threat.

The advantage of a serum antibody product is, of course, its immediate response: It can be used for treatment or prevention (vaccines are for prevention). Bacterial resistance is not an issue and there are no drug residues. It will not interfere with antibiotic therapy. Derived from live animals, it is a natural product (thimerosol and phenol are added as preservatives).

Serum antibody products can be used as an immediate-but temporary-prevention of a disease or as a treatment of a current disease. It can be used to supplement inadequate consumption or quality of colostrums. A producer can supplement or support an antibiotic treatment or treat animals that are not responding to treatment. They can also be used in the face of an epizootic (animal version of an epidemic) outbreak.

Remember, the protection will be short-term-lasting only about ten to fourteen days. For long-term protection, vaccination should follow about two to three weeks after the use of a serum antibody product. As always, read and follow the label directions.

Among other biologic vaccines, Colorado Serum Company manufactures three serum antibody products:

BOVI-SERA Serum Antibodies

  • Aids in the immediate and temporary prevention and treatment of respiratory (pneumonia and shipping fever) and enteric (scours) conditions caused by Actinomyces (Corynebacterium) pyogenes, Escherichia coli (including K99), Mannheimia haemolytica-Pasteurella multocida, and Salmonella typhimurium.
  • Licensed for use in cattle or sheep.
  • For subcutaneous or intramuscular administration.

Clostridium Perfringens C & D Antitoxin

  • Aids in the immediate and temporary prevention and treatment of Clostridial purple gut, overeating disease, pulpy kidney, struck) caused by Type B, C, or D toxins of Clostridium perfringens. The immunity conferred by the Type C and D fractions cross protects against the Type B toxin.
  • Licensed for use in cattle, sheep, and goats (Type B, C, D) or for use in swine (Type C).
  • For subcutaneous (prevention) or intravenous (treatment) use.

Tetanus Antitoxin, Equine Origin

  • Aids in the immediate and temporary prevention and treatment of tetanus (lockjaw) caused by Clostridium tetani toxin.
  • Licensed for use in cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and swine.
  • For subcutaneous or intramuscular use.

For specific management recommendations to control any disease, it is recommended that producers consult with a veterinarian before instituting a prevention or control program.

Colorado Serum Co., Professional Biological Co., & Western Instrument Co. (collectively referred to as Colorado Veterinary Products) manufactures USDA-licensed large animal biologics and long lasting veterinary instruments. Since 1923, high levels of integrity have earned the respect and trust of producers and veterinarians around the world-ask for any of our company labeled products when consulting with your local veterinarian or animal health supplier.

Visit www.coloradovetproducts.com or call 303/295-7527 for additional information.

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