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Royal White sheep-a new hair-class sheep breed-is now being introduced to the American market.

Royal White Sheep
Royal White Sheep

The Royal White sheep is a highly functional and adaptable sheep without wool, focusing on a variety of markets for year-round meat production without the hassle of shearing, and also offers very low parasite treatment requirements, due to natural resistance.

The Royal White sheep was privately developed in West Texas to breed year-round, and is being well received by both cattle and goat operations that want to diversify. No embryo transfer or artificial insemination was used in the breed’s development, in order to allow careful culling of all breeding animals that didn’t measure up in performance. It has been eight years in development, with further opportunities for fine-tuning for specific needs to qualified breeders.

Breeding tackle doesn't hang too low near hot ground- very few fertility problems.
Breeding tackle doesn’t hang too low near hot ground- very few fertility problems.

Novices and even first-time ruminant buyers are successfully managing these sheep. Royal White rams’ testicles are high off the ground, staying cool in summer months.

This new sheep variety has been bred to flock together well. It was also selected for very low stress in both long-distance shipping via truck, and while loading and unloading. As a hair sheep with relatively short tails, there is no need to dock. Both ewes and rams are polled. These sheep tend to outgrow goats under the same feeding scenarios.

The large skins of the Royal White are almost blemish-free and are particularly suited to commercial applications such as airline, automotive seats, gloves, and the latest fashion trend of pure lambskin washable apparel.

Royal White ewes quickly raise blocky lambs, mostly twins and breed any time.
Royal White ewes quickly raise blocky lambs, mostly twins and breed any time.

In general the leather has a prominent grain. The processed leather is especially soft, very elastic and has a warm pleasant hand, has superb hide substance and offers no chemical processing complications.

Properly branded and marketed, Texas Royal White Sheep Leather has a fair market value of between $4-$8 per sq. ft. according to the Report of Analysis and Inspection by the Leather Research Institute, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

For registration information, breed standards or Royal White Sheep Manual contact RWSA, 6585 CR 4105, Hermleigh, TX 79526 (325) 863-2775; E-mail: royalwhitesheep@aol.com, Website: http://hometown.aol.com/royalwhitesheep/myhomepage/index.html

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